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See the UK By Car. The UK is Calling!

You need a vacation that will be entertaining for the whole family. Why not consider a road trip across the UK? You can take in all the major sights of London, and see the famous English countryside too. However, you do not want to leave Wales, Scotland, and Ireland out as well! A trip around the United Kingdom is just what you need. You can take your time exploring the country or you can hit the highlights. The great thing about the UK is that it is small. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to see many great things before your vacation is over. If you are ready for an adventure, then book your tickets today!

Top Cities to Visit the UK

London is by far the top destination in the UK. However, Edinburgh is a lovely ancient city full of history. If you want something a little more bohemian, then head to Brighton. This city is often called the San Francisco of England due to its crazy markets and gay friendly atmosphere. Birmingham is also a great city to visit if you want to steer clear of common tourist places. As for Ireland, you should visit Belfast to really experience the Irish way of life. The whole of the UK is amazing to see no matter where you happen to go.

Best Way to Get Around: Rent a Car!

One of the best things to see by car in the UK are the Highlands of Scotland. You can easily travel around the area in a day and see everything from ancient ruins to Loch Ness. Your stops should also include Glen Coe and a whiskey tasting! If you are more interested in the history of England, then do a tour of famous castles and manors in the English countryside. You should also drive out to see the Stone Hedge! You can even drive up the coast from Bristol to Dover to see the famous white cliffs. There is much to see and do in the UK by car. Luckily, everything is so close that you can see many things during a short vacation thanks to a car.

Locations in United Kingdom