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London, world capital 

London: UK capital, world capital still before European. The millions of people who come to it come from all over the world - for tourism or business - and it is not difficult, by moving around the streets or crowded underground carriages - to hear the sound of their own language or hundreds of thousands of echoes in their ears Other languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than English, a sign of the cosmopolitan nature of this fascinating city. To see London, for the first or the next time, it's always an exciting experience: there is world history, before that of an empire that over the centuries has dominated most of the known lands; Here, the vibrant world of business and banking is animated every day among daring stock exchanges and the frantic activity of traders and brokers; Modernity blends with tradition, in the liturgy of a monarchy among the oldest in the world but always loved and a symbol of belonging to a great nation; London is home to fashion, culture, music, art and literature, in an irrepressible swirling of creativity that attracts artists and intellectuals from everywhere. 

What to do and what to see in London 

To visit London in any particular detail it may take years or even it would be desirable to transfer directly. Where your journey is only a few days, you will inevitably have to select what to see, and you will really be spoiled for choice because things to do or see in London are really countless. The center of London has all the major and most famous attractions visited every year by millions of people, such as the Big Ben, the gigantic clock located in the tower of the seat of the British Parliament; Or the Tower Bridge, the characteristic drawbridge on the Thames. Certainly worth a visit to London Tower, the London Tower, once a prison and now home to the crown jewelery exhibition. The visit of the caveau is particularly exciting. You should not forget to visit the abbey of Westminster, where the coronation of the British sovereigns is taking place and where the graves of many monarchs of the past are located; As well as the St. Paul Chapel, a true architectural masterpiece, in which crypts are the funeral monument of Winston Churchill and the tomb of Duke of Wellington, a triumph over Napoleon in Waterloo. If you love the museums that are mostly for free in London, do not miss the rich archaeological collection of the British Museum: here you will find findings of every age in human history, from prehistory to the ancient Egyptian Ancient Greece and the Roman empire. You will visit the Parthenon's metropolis, the Assiri winged horse-sculptures, and the famous Rosetta stele, an invaluable historical document that allows you to decipher Egyptian giroflifici. Of course, the Natural History Museum is worth a visit, where you will be greeted by the gigantic reconstruction of the skeleton of a diplodocus, a giant dinosaur. 

Rent a car to visit London 

Although extremely busy, if you are traveling for business or for pleasure, renting a car can be a good option to visit the city in autonomy and independence. London boasts an excellent transport network, between buses, trains and subways, but sometimes the costs and timetables are not very convenient or tailored to your needs. In this case, car rental is a good compromise between practicality and cost containment, especially if you book a car in advance to pick up comfortably on your arrival at the airport. This is via the use of rental car booking website., an Italian car hire broker with great experience and reliability, allows you to book your car in advance online, so you can withdraw it at the desks of the major vendors of which is used. On the site you can choose from a large number of rental offices in London, both in the city (for example, in major railway stations such as Victoria or Paddington) and at Heathrow airports at Stansted airport at the airport Of Luton or Gatwick Airport. Renting a car hire on is a real game for kids. The website, once you enter the arrival location and the dates and times of the rental, shows you in fact all the offers of the leading car rental companies among which to choose the rental car that best suits your needs. If you want a small car like a Smart, you're sure that will find you, as well as middle class car, crossover, SUV, up to van to transport seven or nine passengers. Sometimes, especially at larger airports, you can also find deals for luxury cars such as Lamborghini, Porsche and Ferrari. Obviously, renting these categories will not be as cheap as other cars, but want to put the charm of these great luxury cars? Once you have selected your car and paid the rent, will send you by e-mail the booking voucher that you should preferably print and submit to the car rental office indicated on the voucher, along with your original driving license and Valid, an identity card with photo and credit card that must be headed to the main driver of the machine. Always check that your credit card has sufficient availability to cover the required security deposit for the car you have booked. publishes the deposit amount required on the booking page. Please also note that prepaid cards, debit cards or cash cards are not accepted. Once you've retired your car in London, you will have to crash with the right hand drive. But do not be afraid, it is more complicated to say than to be. You will spend less time getting used to this type of driving, and once you take the car measures and give a little more prudence in tackling and giving precedence, you will be ready to enjoy your trip to London and the UK with Great serenity.