When we talk about holidays in campers, we tend to appreciate the freedom of movement that derives from it and we lose ourselves in the charm of images of sunsets in solitary places or while driving along the long straights of American freeways in the best tradition of traveling on the road . These images are hastily replaced by more concrete considerations: but a camper is as expensive as an apartment. And how would I take it to America? So let's put that idea aside and go back to our usual hotel room. It is not said however that we must always give up our dreams. And if you are here you have already identified the solution. Motorhome rental is a great way to enjoy your holidays in freedom and in contact with nature. With the camper you can reach places otherwise destined to be lived only during the day, and enjoy a stay of even one night practically wherever you want.

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On you can find campers for hire in many places, in Italy and in the world, and at very advantageous rates. You can choose any type of camper. Depending on the country and the supplier it is possible to find vans adapted to the stay. These are vans in which the compartment is set up with beds and various cooking equipment. In these vehicles there is generally no bathroom with shower. They are generally more suited to the more adventurous, or to those who go to concerts, festivals or sporting events. But the camper rental also includes, in all countries, the classic campers equipped with every comfort (yes, including chemical toilet and shower). These vehicles are generally declined in configurations of 4, 5 and 6 or even 7 beds. And if you are wondering, yes: it is possible to travel all inside the camper: three passengers in the cockpit and the others in the small living rooms inside, equipped with seat belts. your vehicle rental broker

If you decide to visit some place where moving around in a camper is too cumbersome, you can visit our car rental section to book a car at very advantageous rates.

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